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Welcome to the new Artists on Art experience! Our team has been working industriously to bring you better ways to experience your favorite digital art magazine by making it more responsive and interactive. Our hope is that it also brings more focus on the beautiful artworks and compelling stories that bring you here to begin with.

Artists on Art magazine

Cover art by James Earley

Once you’ve had a chance to review the issue (not a subscriber? Get it here!), please tell us what you think about it! Your feedback is important and can help us continue to improve the magazine, the platform, and even our new website.

Now that we’ve addressed the housekeeping issues, on to our love of art! The last issue of Artists on Art magazine (March/April 2018) featured some political art that garnered opinions ranging from the importance of artists using their works as a political voice, to a desire to keep art a sacred place that was devoid of the tensions our country is facing.

What I reflected about it is this: All art is not political, but it is all human.

With that humanity in mind, I’d like for us take a more micro look at our own lives as artists. For example, I recently learned of several painters who have spouses or children who are also artists. They’re going to tell us about their family dynamics in an upcoming issue, but for now, I’d like to invite you to share your art-in-the-family story. Do you live with another artist? What’s your favorite (or even most challenging) part of it? Take a photo of you with him/her/them, and send it to me — we might feature it in the next issue!

Yours in art,

Artists on Art May/June 2018 Contents

The Search for Excellence by William Schneider
The Search for Excellence
Why it’s important to be a perpetual student, and 11 ways to do so.
by William Schneider

Greg MacDonald art
Ideas in the Middle and Daily Tricks to Find Them
Advice for when art has gone from a “no-brainer” to a stymied, postponed, “brainer.”
by Greg MacDonald

James Earley art
Why Paint the Homeless?
Instead of applying “logic,” some allow doors to open into rooms that are unfamiliar and at first frightening.
by James Earley

Zac Elletson art
Leveraging Your Accumulated Knowledge
How being curious and open-minded can open avenues you never would have considered before.
by Zac Elletson

Treacy Ziegler art
The Artist’s Tardis
When a sketchbook can be a vehicle for communicating across language barriers, and perhaps even species.
by Treacy Ziegler

Dianne Massey Dunbar art
Painting the Ordinary
The more she looked, the more this artist realized there are wonderful shapes and colors and beauty to be found everywhere.
by Dianne Massey Dunbar

Moh'd Bilbeisi and students
Teaching Young Architects Graphic Journaling
A behind-the-scenes look at why sketching is a requirement at this state university.
by Moh’d Bilbeisi

Peggy Immel art
Planning for Spontaneity When Painting Outdoors
Incoming rain, bugs, wind, onlookers — certain challenges make having a plan a requirement.
by Peggy Immel

Sharon Crute art
Danger and Passion
The driving forces behind paintings that are just as powerful as their regal subjects.
by Sharon Crute

Dan Knepper art
Flights of Fantasy
The story behind a whimsical collection created to delight visitors at a children’s hospital.
by Dan Knepper

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About the Author:

Cherie Dawn Haas
Cherie Dawn Haas is the Editor-in-Chief of Artists on Art, as well as the Online Content Manager for FineArtConnoisseur.com and OutdoorPainter.com (home of Plein Air Magazine). She is a "maker" who loves to write, dance, and explore various other forms of creative self-expression, including mixed media art.


  1. Wilma May 5, 2018 at 11:16 am

    Great and fab to have this….excellent magazine as a building block….thank you

  2. Justin Dancing Hawk May 11, 2018 at 11:18 pm

    I’m excited to find this E-mag! Another step in Environmentally responsible creativity! Kudos! I’m the Founder of A.E.R.I.E. Artists – a group of Professionally minded Raptor Artists working to support Raptor Rehabilitation & Conservation through Art. Perhaps you’d be interested in doing a story on us!? Here’s our link -https://www.facebook.com/groups/293986867426870/

    I’m also doing a series of works – “Eagles of the World” encompassing 60 species of Eagles! I want to educate the public on what really IS out there in the world! We care about things we KNOW about! It’s been educational for me!

    Another ARTicleI’d like to suggest is featuring Scratchboard! I’ve just been doing works in this amazing medium since July, 2017 & I’m already able to create some pretty exciting pieces! Several of my Eagles are done in Scratchboard, with many more on the way! I am an “Active” member of the International Society of Scratchboard Artists ( ISSA ) & I’m applying for my Signature status before the June 1st deadline! I dearly love this medium & the folks in the Society are warm, amazing people. I want to do all I can to promote this medium!

    • Cherie Dawn Haas
      Cherie Dawn Haas May 13, 2018 at 3:43 pm

      Hi Justin! This sounds wonderful! I’ve always been a fan of scratchboard, and the level of detail one can get when working with it, not to mention the way you have to think in reverse – very cool! I’ve checked out the Facebook group, and I love that there’s a whole group of artists dedicated to this cause. I’ll be in touch soon! Thank you for the work you do!

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