Painting of the Week: Marsh House

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In this weekly series, gain inspiration and insights from one of our featured artists.

Painting from photo references -

Nancy Tankersley, “Marsh House,” 2017, oil, 24 x 30 in.
In this painting I wanted to show the vastness of the landscape and the loneliness of the house. I set the house back in the distance and then created a path through the grasses to increase the movement in the painting design. (Photo reference below)

Painting from photo references -

Photo reference for the landscape oil painting “Marsh House,” above

“I recommend equal parts of your painting time be spent painting from photo references and from life, so that you understand what the photo is not showing you, and you learn to edit a scene quickly. Somewhere along the way in my journey as an artist, I began to put the practice of using a photo reference in its proper place. As my skills as a painter have increased, I have begun to rely on the photo less and have begun to see it for what it is — a useful tool, but no more important than your creativity, memory, and intention.”

~Nancy Tankersley (Artists on Art magazine, Issue 30 July/August 2018, “Painting From Photographs”)

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    C-Marie October 29, 2018 at 5:20 pm

    Interesting how Wyeth’s style is admired now! God bless, C-Marie

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