In this weekly series, gain inspiration and insights from one of our featured artists.

Painting of the Week

Thomas Jefferson Kitts, “Boating Home in Venice,” oil, 16 x 12 in., Plein air

“Until recently, anatomical science believed there were only four flavors the human tongue could taste: Sweet, Sour, Salt, and Bitterness. Now food science includes a fifth: Umami — the flavor found in grilled meat, mushrooms, and many other foods. Umami has always been present in the foods we eat, of course, but it remained overlooked and unremarked upon due to our western assumptions.

“Color temperature is similar in the sense that once you learn it is a real thing, you begin to see it everywhere. And when you do, you can’t stop seeing it.”

~Thomas Jefferson Kitts, (Artists on Art magazine, Issue 31 September/October 2018, “Impressionism, Sorolla, and Painting the Color of Light”)

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