Painting of the Week: Blue Blinkers

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In this weekly series, gain inspiration and insights from one of our featured artists.

Equine art -

Sharon Crute, “Blue Blinkers,” oil on canvas, 60 x 48 in.

“About 10 years after I began to concentrate my painting emphasis on horse racing, there occurred a noticeable increase in artists interested in painting horses…I was turned off by their sentimentality and sweet renderings of an animal that possessed such breathtaking grace and beauty but could also kill you in a heartbeat…I began to consider ways to differentiate myself within this narrow genre of equine art. Even though the work of my peers was quite beautiful, I needed to be authentic in my own way, to speak with an honest voice. My direct experience with horses and the dangerous sport of horse racing yearned to be expressed as I saw it.”

~Sharon Crute (Artists on Art magazine, Issue 29 May/June 2018, “Danger & Passion”)

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