Painting of the Week: Taking Sides

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In this weekly series, gain inspiration and insights from one of our featured artists.

Artist quotes - Terry Miura -

Terry Miura, “Taking Sides,” oil on linen, 16 x 12 in.

“Think about a dominant focal area, and emphasize it. Don’t bring every part to the same level of emphasis or finish. Having a hierarchy of importance makes for a much more impactful drawing … Often (but not always), the joint areas are more emphasized than the muscle forms between them. Try to vary the line strength and see how different your drawing looks.

“In the end, what we want to communicate is intent. Every single line should look intentional. Every point of emphasis should look intentional. Every subtle line should look intentionally subtle. Make every line look like you meant it, and even your mistakes will look intentional and convincing!”

~Terry Miura (Artists on Art magazine, Issue 32 November/December 2018, “Figure Drawing and Economy of Line”)

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