Ambitious Goals and Pillars of Success

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Much of nature is dormant at this time of year and, as artists, we experience a similar cycle to that of nature’s ebb and flow; there’s an unavoidable dynamic of highs and lows, of “hot” and “cold” periods of inspiration, for example. While much of nature seems to be in a passive, resting state, for many of us January elicits ambitious goals and dreams for the coming months.

And so just in time, in the January/February issue of Artists on Art Bruno Surdo brings forth his 30 years of teaching to share how to overcome the obstacles with a set of principles you can apply to your practice.

Contemporary oil painting - Francien Krieg

Francien Krieg, “Hiding From Inside,” 2015, oil on linen, 43 x 47 in.

In addition to this, the concept of beauty, while dynamic, is one that is always relevant as well. Francien Krieg takes an approach that may be shocking at first, only because of her honesty in portraying the often ignored, aging female body. She admits that her work, since the beginning, has had a tendency to strike a nerve. She says that intense reactions to her work only strengthened her resolve to “go deeper into this subject, as such signals indicated that it was clearly taboo.”

Contemporary illustrations - Lori Field artist

Lori Field, “Do You Like my Hat?,” 2008, colored pencil, rice paper, encaustic on panel, 12 x 12 in.

Lori Field approaches beauty from a different perspective, asking us to question why we think of the “other” (the strange, the outcast), and how we’re actually not so different. “What people are looking at with my ‘creatures,’ as I call them, is laughable, ridiculous, and strange, disquieting even . . . People think: I don’t want to recognize myself in them. I want to separate myself from their predicament.” Eventually, we realize that they’re not so “other” after all.

Contemporary painting - Patricia Watwood

Patricia Watwood, from “How to Create a Vibrant Posthumous Portrait”

Also in this issue, Patricia Watwood gives advice on how to create a portrait of someone who has passed away; Timothy Holton brings attention to the importance of a painting’s frame; Suzie Baker gives us a light-hearted look at her favorite “not art” supplies; and much more.

You’ll see that there are some amazing bonus videos in this issue as well. To see even more, visit and subscribe to our brand new YouTube channel. Our goal is to bring you continued inspiration, anywhere you’re online.

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