A Carefully Orchestrated Reality

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Viewing a painting can seem like a calm activity, but take a look at any of the artworks featured here, and pay attention to your eyes. Notice how they are they flitting, flowing, and taking it all in? You and I both know this is because the artists pay heed to composition, which is an element Olga Krimon enjoys toying with. In the March/April issue of Artists on Art magazine, Krimon uses diagonals and curves to create what she calls “a carefully orchestrated reality.”

Contemporary oil paintings - Artists on Art

Olga Krimon, “Guard,” oil on ACM, 30 x 30 in.

“It draws us in, and keeps us in,” Krimon says. “It moves our eyes in a certain way through it. It’s a world constructed by the artist with a vision, an idea of how to create and control the movement within it, to make it breathe.” She explains her thought process in the article “Approaching Composition,” which includes a step-by-step painting demonstration.

Contemporary art

Charles Bibbs, “Way to Freedom,” acrylic paint and ink on illustration board, 39 x 30 in.
This was inspired by and symbolizes the movement of African Americans from slavery and the Jim Crow period in the South.

And, driven by his passion and pride for African American culture, Charles Bibbs shares his mixed media art, inspiration, and experience: “I was primarily raised in the turbulent ’60s during the Civil Rights movement and participated in various Civil Rights campus demonstrations while attending college. This period of my life gave me an awareness of need, cause, and purpose for my art.”

Contemporary oil paintings - Artists on Art

Debra Keirce, “Creation,” oil on panel, 10 x 20 in., framed to 13 ½ x 23 ½ in. $1,395
Inspired by Michelangelo, Hands From The Creation of Adam, 1512, fresco, Sistine Chapel Ceiling in Rome, Italy

Also in this issue, Debra Keirce partners with gallery owner Melanie Smith with advice on the business side of art. Together, they explain the pros and cons of putting on a solo art show: “Like most accomplishments, when you have one, you realize that you had no idea it would turn out the way it did. They can be fun, challenging, and lucrative, but one-person art shows are always a growth experience.”

Contemporary oil paintings - Artists on Art

Dorielle Caimi, “A Safe Place,” 2018, oil on canvas, 62 x 46 in.

You’ll also find inspiration from Dorielle Caimi. While her narrative paintings may seem shocking to some (maybe even many), her message is perhaps universal to other artists: “When I am painting, the world falls away and nothing exists except the lockstep between me and the nothingness becoming something by my efforts.”

In this issue, discover artists with whom you share commonalities, and find ways to connect with those who might seem very different. With several step-by-step painting demonstrations and exclusive videos from the artists themselves, you’re sure to open your own world a bit more, and open your eyes even wider to possibilities for yourself.

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