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A Shock to the System

If you’ve read any previous issue of Artists on Art magazine, you’ve likely been inspired in some way. This issue in particular, I believe, will not only leave you inspired, but will motivate you to put new ideas into action, maybe even in your next work. See why here...

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Latest Articles

Paintings That Invite You to Look Closer – Art in Miniature

In a tiny corner of the art world, painters are sitting at their easels, squinting through magnifying lamps, working with very pointy brushes, to render fine art that you can usually hold in the palm of your hand. A few years ago I stumbled into that corner, and I have not really found my way out of it yet . . . Not that I’d want to.

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Practical Perspectives: 3 Ways to Show Point of View in a Painting

Perspective is one of the best tools for sharing your point of view in a painting. It allows you to tell viewers where they are in the scene, and how near or far the objects are within it. Learn about aerial, linear, and solar perspective in this guest blog post from watercolorist Michael Holter.

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Visionary Work: 7 Ways to Develop Creativity

You have all become familiar with the necessity to set yourself apart, to bring something new, to find a way to make it yours as you develop your artistic voice. Be careful: If we set out with the intention of doing something different for the sake of standing out, this can easily set us down the wrong path.

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